WHat Do You DO WHeN You DoN’T KNoW WHaT TO Do?

As a Mom, a Citizen and an Artist, I find that the world and its events affect me deeply on every emotional level.  Maybe I am just getting older of find that I want this world to be safe for my children.  Or as an artist – I try to find the best in every situation.  Some messy ones I can interpret with wit and humor, but how do you interpret violence in an optimistic way?  How can you make something so sad and disturbing -uplifting?  I really don’t have an answer- none of us do- So i just paint to see what comes out!

24x20 Oil on Panal

Oil on Panal


I have been creating my whole life. Until January, I had been struggling with my second life (my art) to keep it fresh, alive and sexy! But as of January, I have felt a ReBiRTH a new sense of excitement. What was the change? CoLLaBoRaTioN. A word I am not very good with. I was the loner who always did projects by myself. The one who was a little off in the sandbox! I was awkward an overtly nice—scared most always.

It was last fall that I stayed up too late surfing the web—when I realized that I was ready to endeavor on new project. My best and worst ideas come a little too impulsively! I was a little burned out on commission work and didn’t want my dream of using my images in merchandising applications to slip away. Now is the time, I convinced myself at midnight! I need to do it NOW! So I emailed my mentor Kelly Alford (GeNiuS!) right then and there. I did not know that that single click would change my life and make my world better.

I asked to pick her brain about SURTEX, a trade show for artists, graphic designers and surface designers, to show their portfolios for prospective licensing and partnering agreements. I knew she had attended and that made the most sense for my next move. She agreed and offered to help! Now with years of wisdom under my belt—plus four active kids, 7 dinners to cook, 8 loads of laundry, teacher conferences and more painting to do—I jumped at the chance to have someone else row the boat with me. She and her A-team are brilliant, smart and funny! It includes, Jennifer Slaughter, marketing/PR maven and humorist; as well as Brooke Serson, graphic artist techno queen! They have made me better, accountable, happier and more confident! Wow! I sound like an infomercial, but it is true. Sometimes collaboration can add structure and a path through a pile of good intentions!

Focus on what you do best and find great people who share your vision to bulldoze through minutia of the everyday to create results! Creation is me—it is my brush, my stroke. The business of art is more effective for me when I work with others! I found that one can only do the work of one—but three can do infinitely more! I always knew that “MoRe iS MoRe!”  I am soo grateful!

true collaboration!  My art – their applications !!!  I love it!!!

true collaboration! My art – their applications !!! I love it!!!


I fortunately, or unfortunately, have always had a lot to say. Now I am told to write it down. I feel I am far better telling my stories behind a paintbrush where I can mask the bad with the cheerful, express my sarcasm with subtlety, and reveal my vitality -messy and bright and sometimes challenged – behind layers of wet paint!