There are more than just “dogs” in my world. I love my dogs—they have a special place in my soul. However, I have many other compartments in there as well. I love connecting my art with other people’s worlds and design aesthetic. These special commissions have challenged and forced me to grow as an artist and as a person. I love them. It is amazing to see what can be created when you are put in a situation out of your box! That is what I enjoy most about this type of work. I have done paintings, murals, doors, sculptures, etc.


How it works…

It is pretty simple and organic. I meet with the designer or client. We talk about palette, design and objectives. If it is a permanent installation, I address the longevity factor (this mostly pertains to murals and other attached installations). A deposit is then required to begin the process. This deposit is based on the size and scale of the piece. A realistic timeline is then created, and final payment is due upon completion!